How can design save your business 

                                             in a post pandemic world?


We know that your

business is important.

We are in the business of enhancing your business...

by design

We are Alami Inter Media (AIM): a team of architects, master planners and designers seeking to collaborate with you.

AIM have been renowned for it’s successful mixed use destinations and land development projects in the colorful beaches of Kupang to Jambi. From Semarang to Kendari. From Makassar to Bali. We travel to places, from urban to rural, from MRT stops to boat docks; to enhance our partners' businesses, by design. 

We have site visited multiple exotic places in Indonesia and visited important projects in Asia and North America, benefiting our knowledge and more importantly your business.  We have met and discussed important projects with prominent and emerging partners. In conference rooms, in remote sites, in cafes,

in boats, in private jets and places where they do their business.

We are not a very big team, but we think big. There are no projects that are too big for us nor too small for us to contribute to. We believe in the effective results of working together with partners and  people like you.

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