AIM was approached by the Principal of SMK 10, a vocational college to prepare a master plan for their current and future facility. Through multiple conversations, AIM produced schemes and illustrative drawings to solve their needs for space for their growing facilities.


The residents of Pondok Hijau in Parongpong Bandung is in need to have a place for their young ones to learn and play in groups, hold Ramadhan activities on top of having a neigborhood mosque to do their daily solats.

AIM assisted the community and  designed a 250sm mosque that also serves as beacon during the night. The transparant facade with vertical fins allow light to penetrate during the daytime and allow the road to be lit from the inside. Graphical patterns of the name Darussalam is manifested using composite aluminium and concrete fiber for exterior light and air pentrating walls and windows.


On top of serving our clients and visiting exciting places for projects, and doing our 'eat play design' cycle, we are also active in our community employing our design talent and experience. These are all non profit projects for which we dedicated our time entirely or in cooperation with the community we assisted. We touched these community and education projects, with 'design'.

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