With some dose of unlimited caffeine from 5758 Coffee Lab, we took all designers to attend our Coffee Learn session. This time we asked several photographic aficionados in our office to teach us basic photographics skills, compositions. We have all of us bring our manual cameras, DSLRs, mirrorless, smartphones and anything related to capturing lights. During this event, we had several members of the studio to share their in depth knowledge on the places in Singapore that we will be visiting. We are interested in looking at new destinations in Singapore that are design and problem solving oriented. Last but not least we had a handful of us perform singing and playing the piano. What a great time of fun and learning we had. Thank you @5758cofeelab for hosting us.


Many of our ‘eating disorder’, if you will  are disguised with “academic” jargon.

"Lunch and Learn" is our version of “Power Lunch” where we learn together at the studio during lunch time.


After having a good feast, we step back from our workstations, GStarCAD and Sketchup softwares to “relearn” on manual sketching and blending translucent colors using watercolor.


Every project is unique. We learn we contribute and we exchanged ideas with client. In the end, it is only team experience that matter. We take everybody to dinner and celebrate our hardwork  and partnerships with our partners. We do invite clients if they are in town. Want to be invited to our dinner? Hire us for your next project :)


Every now and on, there are handful of worth to watch blockbusters. We take our team and go to a theater. We talked about these movies over at dinner. What a studio life.

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