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The Lereng Anteng



10 Ha

The Punclut area in Bandung rose to popularity due to an F&B restaurant which is called “The Lereng Anteng”. Punclut contains an empty 10-ha area which will be developed into a resort, that is easily accessible from areas such as: Dago, Ciumbuleuit, and Lembang.


AIM aspires to design a thematic resort master plan which will include living areas such as: Botanical Resort, Cliffside, Iconic Villas, Glamping Area, Valley Villas, and many more. The resort will also feature a club house that can be accessed by both the public and residents of the resort.


This ecological resort will include new F&B thematic restaurants and a fine dining restaurant, for those who want a more luxurious dining experience. Furthermore, this resort offers the environment as their main incomparable aspect, and supports forest and waterways restoration. There are facilities which can be found within the resort, namely a garden party area equipped with a convention center and an outbound field, that is perfect to be enjoyed by friends and families.


Upon the completion of the Lereng Anteng Resort, Punclut will no longer be a shortcut from Lembang to Bandung, but it will pursue to become a new and well-known destination for the people and visitors of Bandung.


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