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Cyber City



55,54 Ha

Metland Cyber City

Welcome to Metland Cyber City, a lively urban mixed-use destination offering a variety of service and ever-changing entertainment. Metland Cyber City is easily accessible from Jakarta-Merak toll roads crossing of the site. As an integrated live, work and play, Metland Cyber City offers many choices of services from soaring office towers to green office parks, from modern highrise apartments to mid-rise roomy apartments, from luxury hotel to cozy condotel, a spacious convention center, a vibrant lifestyle center with al fresco dining options, entertainment and much more. All of these offers visitors memorable experiences, generating a sense of excitement and curiosity, which will entice people to come back and visit again.


Cyber City Office Park

An Office Park like nowhere else. Cyber City Office Park, overlooking the river and thematic community park will offer high-tech office facilities in a park-like ambience. People will enjoy the tranquility of the lush landscape surrounding the area while still easily connected to state of the art technology facilities. The Mid-Rise and modern Cyber City Office Park will be suitable for company's think tank or R&D as the ambience will spark creativity and ideas.


Mid-Rise Apartments

Metland Cyber City will feature a Mid-Rise Apartment Complex which consists of several buildings interconnected with series of gardens and shaded pathways. Every Mid-Rise Apartments will offer spacious rooms complete with supporting facilities for residents to enjoy. Stunning view towards the river and open space parks adjacent to the building will be one of the many unique features of this Mid-Rise Apartment Complex.


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